A passion for teaching

About Eindhoven English

My name is Desiree Dorling and I am the founder of Eindhoven English. I was born in Eindhoven but moved to England in the mid 1980's where I lived for 18 years. I returned home to The Netherlands in 2004, decided to qualify as an English Teacher and started working in the secondary school system. I have taught at all levels, and have spent the last six years or so at local schools, most recently as a Cambridge English teacher in Eindhoven. I have a passion for teaching and founded Eindhoven English with the aim of helping people and maximising potential. If you need help of any sort with English, be it a structured individual programme, exam preparation, group lessons or anything in between, you should find the answer here, and if you don’t, please contact me and ask!

How I work

Every situation is different, and every new client receives a free assessment, which I use to design their study programme. Through experience, I know what works and what doesn’t work, and how different individuals react to different teaching methods. I try to make lessons engaging and interesting, but maintain overall focus on achieving your goals.

My courses and lessons

General English
For adults, secondary & primary school students

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Cambridge English
Cambridge English lessons at all levels (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE)

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Business English
To improve the level of your English at work and in business

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