Netflix & English!


Let’s be honest, we all love indulging in a full day of Netflix and chill while doing nothing else. But why not be productive while you’re at it?! It’s so easy to immerse yourself into an English environment on a daily basis – even if it’s only for 40 minutes to an hour. In this blog we share a few tips on how you can use Netflix to your English advantage:

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English on your CV


English is a powerful skill used around the world, every minute of every day. It is the language of international communication, global connection and businesses around the world. English is not only the language of international media and information but gives us the power to unite people.

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Eindhoven Expats – a language survival guide


Eindhoven is an Expat paradise.

As I mentioned in my last blog, Dispatches Europe named Eindhoven the Best Expat City in Europe, and the quality of life and opportunities for work attract a great many people from all around the world. As of 2017 nearly 30% of Eindhoven inhabitants came from a Non-Dutch background, with nearly 160 different nationalities represented.

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Cambridge English for work and business


As an outward looking nation, English language skills have always been something that the Dutch have prized. We are a progressive country, keen to learn, work, and holiday abroad. We are also a trading nation, and with English being the language of commerce, better understanding can lead to better jobs, better business and easier dealings with foreign companies. I believe that Cambridge is the best English qualification you can get and you can and should use it to improve your business and your working life.

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