Cambridge English for work and business


As an outward looking nation, English language skills have always been something that the Dutch have prized. We are a progressive country, keen to learn, work, and holiday abroad. We are also a trading nation, and with English being the language of commerce, better understanding can lead to better jobs, better business and easier dealings with foreign companies. I believe that Cambridge is the best English qualification you can get and you can and should use it to improve your business and your working life.

Cambridge English Language Assessment provide the world’s leading range of qualifications in English. With a history going back over 100 years, these qualifications have been developed as a standard which is taught and recognised in over 130 countries.

If you wish to study at an English speaking University or work or live abroad, then Cambridge English offers that possibility. With over 20,000 universities, employers and governments around the world accepting their exams, Cambridge English opens doors to higher education, improves foreign employment opportunities, and increases choice for study and work abroad. Cambridge English exams are accepted for visa, study and immigration purposes in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada.

In a business environment, Cambridge is particularly relevant.  In Eindhoven, the Brainport concept has brought together a concentration of high-tech industry and business in which the language used is more often than not English. Externally this is because of a need to deal with foreign customers and suppliers and understand each other. Internally, particularly in larger companies, English is often the language of choice. This is because staff are recruited from around the world.

Eindhoven was recently named the best city in Europe for expats by Dispatches Europe who commented “Eindhoven wins by a mile. It’s probably the only city in Europe that has it all; a central location in Europe, quality of life, talent, affordable housing and the main business language is English”.

This adoption of English in business will intensify and local Employers need to recognise this and invest in their staff’s English skills, or be at a disadvantage. Job seekers, or those wishing to improve their prospects mustn’t be complacent either. Today’s job market is very international but it’s also very competitive. Many other international candidates have great English… but how many can prove it? A Cambridge qualification on your CV allows you to get that advantage. It also shows an employer that you are willing to dedicate time to improving your English and your professional skills.

At Eindhoven English we offer Cambridge English lessons at all levels (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE) and can develop bespoke courses to take you from your current level to being exam-ready. We provide both one-to-one lessons or group lessons and are able to come to you.

I am the founder of Eindhoven English and have taught English at all levels, spending the last six years at local schools, most recently as a Cambridge English teacher in Eindhoven. I have prepared many students for these exams and to date have a 100% pass rate, with more than 90% being A and B grades.

Expat workers are often not alone, and bring their families with them. In my next blog I will look at English and Dutch lessons for all members of Expat families in Eindhoven.

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