English on your CV


English is a powerful skill used around the world, every minute of every day. It is the language of international communication, global connection and businesses around the world. English is not only the language of international media and information but gives us the power to unite people.

Living in Eindhoven, the south of The Netherlands, and having been an expat myself in multiple countries, I am a firm believer in the huge role the English language has played in my journey of moving, settling in and finding my feet. Have being able to add English as a skill on my CV has opened countless doors for me in my career globally and specifically in Eindhoven. Eindhoven’s international market is growing at a fast pace and we as individuals need to keep up with the market. Whether you are a school student planning your future or an expat looking for a job, the ability to communicate successfully in English will put you 10 steps ahead of the rest.

It is a fact that English is the most commonly spoken language in the world, and not only will English open new career opportunities for you locally and internationally, but it will also help you with socializing at work and in any new community.

In today’s fast-pace world, more and more companies go global each year. This means that growing companies need employees who are able to communicate in English and these are the individuals who will climb up the ladder faster in their personal careers. Having the ability to speak, write, listen and understand the English language opens a world of opportunities to you! It will mean you are able to do more at work, communicate with more employees and build connections with other professionals around the globe. This includes making friends from different backgrounds, going on international business trips with more confidence and attending international conferences.

According to Eindhoven News, Philips is ranked among the top five of the most valuable brands in the Netherlands. Technology companies ASML and NXP, all in the Eindhoven region, are among the top 15 in The Netherlands. Other global companies include Deloitte, VDL, DLL, Fluke, and many more. These companies work on a global scale and basic English skills is a requirement if you’re thinking of applying. This shows us the important role the English language plays in the future of Eindhoven and its growth.

If you are only a student at the moment, trying to decide whether English is worth your time – know that the above scenario will soon be applicable to you as you enter the working world. In order for you to study at a University or College in The Netherlands or abroad, you are likely to need a higher than average level of English.

English is an important skill for different professional and personal goals. At Eindhoven English we can help you build and improve this skill! We offer Cambridge English lessons at all levels (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), General English, Secondary School extra classes and group lessons made-to-measure for your specific requirements.
If you would like to add English to your skill set, visit our website today and contact us for your free 30-minute intake! Find out how we can help you or your business grow globally.

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