Netflix & English!


Let’s be honest, we all love indulging in a full day of Netflix and chill while doing nothing else. But why not be productive while you’re at it?! It’s so easy to immerse yourself into an English environment on a daily basis – even if it’s only for 40 minutes to an hour. In this blog we share a few tips on how you can use Netflix to your English advantage:

1. Watch your favorite shows in English.
2. Put the English subtitles on.
3. Vocabulary: Watching Netflix in English will expose you to a wide range of vocabulary. If and when you don’t understand a word, pause your show, try reading the subtitles and if you’re still not sure, look up the definition of the word.
4. Learn new phrases: While watching Netflix you will hear many different expressions. Try to understand these in your own language and incorporate them into your daily conversation.
5. Netflix can help with your listening and understanding skills.
When you’re intrigued by a show and listen with full attention, you might hear a few items/phrases/words you don’t understand. But while listening, reading and watching the screen, you are able to make sense of the meaning which ultimately leads you to learning new phrases and words.
6. Practise pronunciation: On the contrary to number 6, while watching an episode of your favorite show you might recognize and understand all or most of the words but might struggle with the pronunciation. By watching and listening you are able to learn how to pronounce words correctly by pausing and repeating.

Netflix gives you access to thousands of British, American and other English-speaking shows, movies and documentaries. This allows you to introduce yourself to different accents from around the globe, which is not possible through a textbook. We encourage you to train your ear by listening and making sure you understand what each character says during the shows.

Living in a digital age, education has changed drastically, and we need to adapt the ways in which we learn and as teachers, the way we teach. At Eindhoven English we encourage fun learning through many different ways. Netflix is only one of these many ways we encourage self-study to help you learn faster and give you the chance to learn about information you like. This also allows you to learn something new about your own interests, whilst strengthening your English skills.

At Eindhoven English we will help you achieve your goals through multiple learning channels. Contact us today for the best tips and tricks to reach your English language goals!

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